As a experienced Paediatrician, I can arrange for your child to be seen at a time that is convenient to you in the evenings on week days or on Saturday mornings, in a friendly environment. Being a practising Paediatrician in manchester since 1990, my consultations are thorough and professional and conducted in a manner appropriate for the needs of both the family and the child.I also involve the child in the consultation process. We would then agree on the best plan for identification, investigation and treatment of the presenting issues.

Consultations usually last 30-45 minutes depending on the complexity of the condition or may be held in two sessions for development issues.I will then write a detailed letter outlining our discussions on the likely diagnosis and a suitable plan of action, which would later be dispatched to you. Should specialist opinion be needed, I can liaise with an extensive network of other medical and allied professionals such as speech therapists, dieticians, and psychologists.

In order to arrange an appointment, please call Pall Mall Medical, Manchester on 0161-832-2111 or email me on

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