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I came to Dr Dixit with worries about my 6 month old daughters head after being told her soft spot was closed. He was very understanding and explained everything thoroughly. He was kind and covered everything I wanted him to and more. A very helpful and caring doctor and he is one of the most trusted paeditrician in manchester 10/10!

Patient Name, Manchester

I took my 15 year old daughter to see Dr Dixit,Paediatrician in manchester ,as she was experiencing headaches. He was very attentive and spoke directly to my daughter rather than me which was great as he got to hear her problems from her, rather than translated through me.

He took an extremely detailed history and was very patient. It felt like he had all the time in the world for her, which is a completely new experience for us in the medical world!

His approach was sensible and totally holistic, addressing other health issues such as asthma and leg pains. He provided advice and a treatment plan to address her headaches in such a manner that she could understand and buy in to. This is very important in a 15 year old, and he ensured that she was completely happy and understood everything.

He then addressed any issues we had as parents, making sure we understood everything as well.

I would not hesitate to return to see Dr Dixit with my daughter again, if necessary. I would strongly recommend him to other parents seeking a paediatric medical opinon and care.

Patient Name, Manchester

We went to see Dr Dixit because the wait to see a community paediatrician in our area was 29 plus weeks.

He was so great with our little boy, Henry and put him at ease straight away. Henry often struggles with people that he does not know and by the end of our session He even cuddled Dr Dixit!

Dr Dixit,Paediatrician in manchester, was so thorough, looking at all of Henry's issues in a holistic way which is the first person we have seen who has taken this approach. Henry has speech problems, food sensitivities, sensory issues and clumsiness.

I can't thank Dr Dixit enough for his kindness in spending far longer than the half an hour specified time with us to really get to the bottom of Henry's problems. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Dixit as paeditricians specialist in manchester to anyone.

Patient Name, Manchester

Our son was seen by Dr Dixit Paediatrician in manchester and he was absolutely fantastic. We have since been seen by an NHS doctor who has totally disagreed with Dr Dixit and his diagnosis so looks like we will be making another appointment with Dr Dixit in the near future as he has proved to be paeditricians specialist.

Patient Name, Manchester

We took our 2 and half year son to see Dr Dixit . He is a really Friendly and experienced Paediatrician in manchester. offering honest advise. He explained our sons condition and was able to describe the symptoms before examining him and explain to us the possible outcomes of further tests. I have seen a number of doctors and I must say Dr Dixit is one of the best. If I needed a second opinion I will be going back to him.

Nirbhay Deshmukh, Manchester

Dr Dixit is a fabulous doctor. He is very knowledgeable and explained everything about my daughter's condition in understandable manner giving plenty of useful advice. I cannot recommend Dr Dixit as paeditricians specialist highly enough.

Tony Anderson, Manchester

We took our daughter to see Dr Dixit as we were concerned about her overall health. I was very nervous as we had been previously fobbed off by dr's but I needn't have worried. He was absolutely amazing at putting us at ease and addressing each and every concern we had. He was very thorough and did not rush at all. Dr Dixit recommended vitamins for our daughter along with treatment for constipation. He was very kind and patiently listened to us. Also he undertook a thorough examination of our daughter and made his recommendations re vitamins, treatment for constipation and blood tests. I would unreservedly recommend Dr Dixit as paeditricians specialist to others and would not hesitate to see him again should the need arise.

Richard Paul, Manchester

Dr. Dixit is very, very to the point. Makes parents comfortable, does not suggest any unrequired medicines. I highly recommend him to all as the most reliable paeditrician in manchester.My newborn had a mild jaundice when he was born. This continued for long and several people suggested me to get medication for him. We consulted Dr. Dixit that time and he brought us into confidence that no medication is required. Worried at the first place since others were constantly pointing to yellow color on my baby's face, But ultimately he became alright in a month or so. In nutshell, he evaluates the problem carefully and sympathetically. Hope this helps practice readers and followers. Thanks Dr.Dixit! you are our paeditricians specialist.

Indraneel Chakroborty, Manchester

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